The Prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. (James 5:16).

Your prayers before the throne of grace is very precious .It has the power to change yourself  ,your circumstances,as well as others.

Jesus said we need to pray without giving up.(Lk 18:1).Jesus  prayed  on many occasions to communicate with the father.As children of God we need to fellowship with the father at  all times.Prayer brings us more closer to God.

Prayer is also a very powerful tool, God has given us to work with Him in releasing,healing, and blessing  people and situations.

Through prayers you are able to  help and bless your fellowmen far and wide.

As you get involved in prayer earnestly,you will begin to experience ,deep joy within you which surpasses all understanding.

Today we hear from all over the world ,many calamities,famines, addiction, family problems,rape, killings and wars etc.In a way the world is in a mess,man is trying to put it right by his own efforts without any success.

So in this hour, righteous men washed by the blood of Jesus should rise up to pray and intercede.

I as pastor have been involved in this ministry for many years,interceding for many people,places,and situations and have seen the great results of answered prayers.

So I encourage you to pray .Start now the world needs you.

If you have any prayer requests,or any concerns,please feel free to tell us ,so that we will pray for you.All your concerns will be treated strictly confidential.You can  call ,email or write.Pastor G.GEORGE ANTONY SILVA, NALAWALANA,GONAWILA,(N.W.P)60170.SRI LANKA.0094723251338,

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