visions (Photo credit: AlicePopkorn)

Jesus said “I came to give you life and it in its abundance” John 10:10.Abundance is available to us  in every sphere of life, (physical,mental and spiritual) in and through Jesus Christ for He is the answer to all lives ‘problems.

About  twenty  years ago my life was in a great mess.I thought  I knew everything.I was a young man trained,   theologically and philosophically. But  with all these training  I felt a great emptiness within me.I could not understand what was going on within me.In desperation I began to search for an answer.I thought if I had wealth, prestige,women  would satisfy my inner longing. So I began to earn money in both good and bad ways.Before my eyes and the world I was successful but I was  never satisfied .Then I began to go  after my lust for flesh,yet never was  at peace.At last I began to look for peace in Eastern religions, meditation and various occult  practices.But nothing ,nothing could fill the niche within me.

The time was passing,I felt I was sinking in  desperation But one day I was invited  to a gospel meeting in my village by one of my good friend.There for the first time  I heard the pure Gospel  preached simply by a simple man of God.But I was too  proud of myself and my education and training,  did not want to accept or give in.I came home with a hardened heart.Yet God was very patient towards me.

Late in the evening that simple preacher  came in to my little hut .He said that he was praying in the afternoon,  and there he saw a vision and in the   vision GOD showed him, me, and he was asked by God, to tell me to turn to Him.In  the first instance I did not want to accept this vision  or to believe it.But because of the preacher’s friendly nature I continued to go for the Gospel meetings.As time went the   Spirt of God began to stir my heart. And in 1991, I humbly surrendered my life to Lord Jesus Christ.It was the wisest decision I have ever  taken in my life.That decision gave me a new meaning for my life  and a vibrant vision to live for the glory of God and well being of mankind.

So I can boldly say that those who look to Him shall never be put to shame.

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