Trust in your creativity.

Have you ever felt inadequate?Have you ever felt sacred when trying  to  do something new?I felt so, many a times.

I had a desire to write articles to encourage others in life.But the thoughts nagged me saying who I am  to write such articles.To overcome my fears I prayed  and meditated but the fear thoughts did not leave me easily.

However I mustered courage and began to scribble.To my amazement,the thoughts began to flow.Suddenly I was  to writing effortlessly.

Fear is a common enemy.It tries to paralyze your creativity.Don’t give in, just move forward.You may not be perfect but you are progressing.You have a unique message from God,  for you are His child.Your contribution is needed.Without it the world is  imperfect.So write the poem you have .Share  the message  you have received.

Smile ,you are greater than you think you are.


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