Lord Howe Island snorkeling - Double headed wr...

Lord Howe Island snorkeling – Double headed wrasse clown fish and others (Photo credit: Percita)

                          Mark 11:24 Jesus   encouraged  His deciples to have faith .Faith is the key to miracles.It means  absolute  confidence  in God‘s  power and total dependence on His faithfulness.                                                                                                                                                                

     I have been in the ministry for over twenty years and my journey is a life faith . In my early days of ministry , one  day I didn’t have anything to eat or any money to buy provisions ,yet  trusting the  Lord    I went  to the church. But nothing happened.

My little daughter began to cry in hunger,yet I continued  to believe  God’s provision and came to the village fair, still without money to buy anything.But I knew that those who trust in the Lord shall never be put to shame.

Though without  money I just went round the fair asking the prices of items I need.As I was about to come out of the fair, I heard a voice calling  my name.It was a brother from the church,he came rushing to me and said ” Brother I was looking    for you,the Lord impressed in my heart of your  need” and  gave me some money to buy enough provisions for my family.This was  one of the first miracles which taught me the path of faith.Psalm 23 the Lord is my shepherd.

Thank you Lord, you supply all my needs,you lead me to still clear waters,you feed me , bless me ,protect me and guide me,praise be your name.

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